Georgia James



Kata Robata

Mansion at Turtle Creek

One Fifth


Pax Americana


The Woodlands Resort & Conference Center

Tris (f/k/a Hubbell & Hudson)

UB Preserve



Café Azur - Closed



Chef Jonny Rhodes at Indigo uses a lot of my work in his restaurant!

Time magazine names Houston restaurant to World's Greatest Places list




Dosi Restaurant & Soju Bar, 2802 S. Shepherd, will have its last service as a modern Korean restaurant on Mother’s Day. Owner An Vo stated he will close after Sunday and reopen as a new restaurant on May 15. Click here for the original Houston Cronicle article.

Photo Credit: Karen Warren / Houston Chronicle

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Empty Bowls/Houston Food Bank
2013 Donor Appreciation Award
Presented to GoodPop


2012 Houston Culinary Award 2012 Houston Foodie Star Award 2012 Houston Culinary Award Winners

My Table - Culinary Award, Foodie Star Award, and 2012 Culinary Award Winners


628x471_1 628x471_5 628x471_8 6934e_2 6993900847_30873b2983 Oxheart Bon Appetite 2 Oxheat Bon Appetite Oxheart Table Ware 3.2012_2266_edited-1 Oxheart Table Ware 3.2012_2271_edited-1 Oxheart Table Ware 3.2012_2276_edited-1 Oxheart Table Ware 3.2012_2281_edited-1

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2012 My Table Awards


Work in Process- New Style Plate Ware


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2010 03 30_Sarah and Chris Dunn Plates et al_0668 2010 03 30_Sarah and Chris Dunn Plates et al_0694


2010 05 19_Heather's Mom's Bowl_0940_edited-1


P3180669_2 P3180665_1 St. Catherine's Glazed Basins_0389_edited-2 St. Catherine's Glazed Basins_0388_edited-3 St. Catherine's Glazed Basins_0364 Clark Kellogg-Baptismal Font Installation_edited-1 Clark Kellogg-Baptismal Font Installation.2 Clark Kellogg-Baptismal Font Installation.4 Clark Kellogg-Baptismal Font Installation.3_edited-3


Cane's Two Shino Pots 023_edited-1 Studio Clean upSesco Field-7.8.04 010 Cane's Two Shino Pots 019 Summer '04 Last Firing 078


Large Shino Pot Sept. 06 006


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